Mystery Man


She’s a beautiful woman who’s just been returned to her body after being forcibly swapped for a year. He’s a detective with ties to the body switcher. Together they’re seeing the fun that the body hopper has had in her body…and how he’s changed her life.

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She was forcibly body swapped with a fat slob, stuck muddling through his life for a year as he ran off with her gorgeous body. When she finally gets returned to her own body, she finds herself with a bigger chest, plumper lips, and a life she doesn’t recognize.

And then the man she had been for that year turns up dead.

With the help of a detective, who also has ties to the body switcher, she’s tracking down what happened in the missing year of her life and trying to solve the murder.

Each clue sheds light on what the body switcher was doing as her for the past year. He’s been having his fun, enjoying her delicate form, changing her for his pleasure and leaving tantalizing evidence of exactly how decadent he’s been in her life right up to the end. She won’t like the answers, but she needs to find them.

Keywords: FtM, MtF, transformation, body theft, body swap, body changes, prostitute


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