A MILF’s Life


A young man possesses the body of a busty MILF to live her new, pampered life.

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Charlie is insanely jealous of his next door neighbor. It’s not because of the neighbor’s immense wealth or dashing good looks. It’s because he recently married Charlie’s former teacher and longtime crush, Rebecca. Charlie used to love going to class because he could gaze at her incredible figure whenever he wanted but now she’s quit her job to live a life of luxury.

When Charlie finds a magic totem that allows him to project his mind into someone else’s body, he chooses to live Rebecca’s new pampered life for a little while so he can see her every day again.

And do so much more than just look.

Now, as his neighbor’s hot, busty wife, Charlie’s only job is to look good for his husband and manage the household while the neighbor is out of town on a business trip. That leaves plenty of time for Charlie to learn all about his new body.

And in the process he unexpectedly gets himself hot and bothered up for the neighbor’s return.

Keywords: MtF, body theft, possession, mind transfer, magic, hot wife, MILF


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