Every Day 2


Just when Corey thought he broke the spell it comes back with a vengeance, transforming him into a new female stereotype every day until he can free himself.


It’s been two weeks since Corey broke the spell that saw him waking up each morning as a different fictional female character. George, the vengeful loser who cast the spell, has disappeared and Corey is just beginning to relax when the transformations start happening again.

One day Corey wakes up in his own bed to find he’s been turned into a gorgeous lingerie model whose only outfits are bras and nighties and negligees. Just like last time, Corey is the only one aware of the change. Even his girlfriend thinks he’s always looked like this.

The transformations get more extreme every day, changing Corey’s emotions and his thoughts into those of the female stereotypes he appears to be. And this time, George is transforming, too. He’s lost control of the spell and finds himself turning into a more intense, more seductive version of Corey’s transformation.

Can Corey and George work together to break the spell? Or will they wake each day compelled to act as the female stereotypes they’ve now become?

Keywords: transformation, magic, mtf, accident, forced, domination


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