Fantasy Girls 2


Still trapped in their bodies while controlled by strangers, a group of women are forced to enjoy a night of pleasure.


For Melissa, it was bad enough that she was being controlled by strangers and force to do degrading things. But now she’s captured her sister, Sophia. They’re both trapped in their bodies as the strangers inside enjoy themselves.

And the first thing they’re made to enjoy is each other.

The four women are taken out for a night of debauchery. A night of drugs, gangbangs and dirty encounters. In the middle of it all, Sophia discovers there are moments of weakness in the programming, moments where she can almost control her body and escape.

But she’ll soon find out that the price of freeing all her friends comes at a cost.

Keywords: MtF, helpless inside, strangers, possession, identity theft, body theft, domination, mind control


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