Get in Here


Emily’s handsome boss is utterly reliant at her while completely dismissive of women in general. When Emily gets handed a code to a website that lets her swap bodies with her boss, suddenly she gets to play the role of alpha male and teach him his lesson while also having the time of her new life.


Emily’s boss, Dan is a demanding, demeaning alpha male. He’s part of the boy’s club at the office and is utterly dismissive of women, despite relying on Emily for everything from organizing the accounts to pacifying his girlfriend. But when Emily gets handed a code to a website that lets her swap bodies with Dan, she finally gets a chance at revenge.

Now she’s the boss, treating Dan just as he’d treated her and slipping into his role as alpha male at the office. Not to mention checking out Dan’s incredible body both alone at home, and with Dan’s seductive girlfriend. But Emily soon realizes that she could improve the office culture much easier in Dan’s body than she ever could on her own.

Plus, being in the body of an incredibly handsome alpha is its own reward.

Now Emily has a choice to make: return to her own body? Or stay in her new life?

Keywords: FtM, body theft, masculinization, woman to man


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