Hospital Shift


A woman confined to a hospital bed gains the power to possess people and uses it to live out her sexy fantasies inside the nurses around her.

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Sierra is facing weeks of court-mandated prohibition on her casual drug use as well as an excruciatingly boring week stuck in the hospital receiving antibiotics through a drip. But when her dealer gives her a hit of something new direct to her veins, Sierra finds herself untethered from her body. As she tries to fly her spirit back into her own body, she accidentally possesses one of the cute day nurses and opens up a whole new world of entertainment.

Her power only works within the confines of the hospital but that’s no problem. There are plenty of hot male and female nurses on the ward. Each new body has a different shape, a different feel, and a whole new set of sexual appetites.

And Sierra plans to experiment inside them all.

Keywords: FtF, FtM, possession, astral projection, MILF, strangers


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