Mind Games


Tina swaps bodies with a prostitute to test her husband. A high school girl swaps bodies with the school bully and now he won’t give her body back. These two erotic body swapping stories feature explicit sexual content of people exploring their stolen bodies.


Featuring 2 erotic short stories:

Failing the Test
Tina is worried that her husband is cheating on her. With the help of some magic she switches bodies with a gorgeous ebony prostitute to try to seduce him as a test of his love. But things go wrong when the prostitute’s pimp shows up and forces Tina to work for him. Can she get her body back? And what’s happened to her life in the mean time?

Swap Course
Lawrence senses something different about Jess ever since she swapped bodies with the school bully, Jamal, as part of a swap class. The swap ended last week, but she’s still not acting herself. Is it just the result of her experience, or is there something more sinister going on? And what (or should that be who?) is he doing in her body?

Keywords: Black, female to female, FtF, F2F, body theft, possession, male to female, MtF, siblings, incest, Black


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