Natalie for a Night


A middle-aged man takes the place of his boss’s gorgeous daughter for a night.

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Michael does his best not to be noticed while making himself indispensable to his boss. Diligent but meek, he’s never been the center of attention, never stood out in a crowd.

Natalie is the boss’s daughter. A gorgeous eighteen-year-old blonde who’s the star of every room she’s in.

One night, Natalie asks Michael to take her place at one of her father’s boring galas so she can go off with her friends. By putting on a high tech bodysuit he completely transforms into her, able to even access her memories.

For one night he gets to walk through the world as a beautiful woman, and he takes the time to explore every inch of his glorious new body.

Keywords: MtF, transformation, voluntary, favor, body suit


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