A Friend in Need


A young woman secretly uses some body transforming pills to turn into a sexy man so she can flirt with her mom’s friend and give her a confidence boost, but she soon gives in to her new body’s urges.

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Zoey was practically raised by her best friend’s mom, Samantha. Going to Samantha’s house was like being with her second family. That’s why it pains Zoey so much to watch Samantha fall into a depression after her divorce.

So Zoey hatches a plan to give Samantha a huge ego boost with the help of TransForm pills, which recently became available to the general public. The pills can instantly morph a person into one of the hundreds of people registered in the TransForm company database. Zoey secretly transforms herself into a handsome young stud and goes out to flirt with Samantha.

It was only meant to be a harmless flirtation, a brief reminder to Samantha of how great she is. And…maybe…just a little experimentation with the new equipment hanging between Zoey’s thighs. But Zoey feels compelled to push the encounter a little bit further and soon finds herself falling into a relationship with Samantha.

Can Zoey extricate herself from her predicament without devastating Samantha and before she runs out of pills? And what’s the harm in seeing just how well her new body performs, anyway?

Keywords: FtM, transformation, friend, favor, voluntary, Xchange, X-change, pills


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