Every Day


A high school basketball star is put under a curse by the school loser that sees him transformed into a different fictional woman every day.


Corey has it all. He’s a star athlete on a his basketball team and is heading to the championships. He’s got an incredible girlfriend who also happens to be a sexy cheerleader. And just about everyone in school loves him.

That starts to change one day when Corey wakes up in the very real body of a fictional woman. No one seems to notice his transformation. The world treats him as if he were the same old Corey despite his curvy new body and the fact that he now looks like some sort of hot vampire goth. Corey is the only one who seems to notice the delicious sway of his new hips and the massive pair of bouncing breasts he now owns. And the only one who gets to enjoy them.

Well, not the only one.

It seems that the creepy loner, George, is very much enjoying Corey’s new look. It was George that cursed him to transform into a different woman every day. And with each new body comes new mental changes. Corey slowly finds himself attracted to men. Attracted to George. And the world is slowly warping to make this new reality permanent.

Corey’s new bodies feel so amazing when he touches himself. And his sexy forms are so enticing to men, so ready to respond to their slightest touch with the most awful pleasure. There is one chance to break the spell. But first, Corey has to break the hold these new transformations have on his mind.

Keywords: transformation, MtF, mind control, magic, forced, stuck


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