Be My Neighbor


When Luke accidentally swaps bodies with the hot lawyer next door, he’s got to learn to live her life quick while she tries to switch them back. But after experiencing the full pleasures of being her, he may decide he never wants to go back.

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Luke is an average young man barely making his way in the world when one night he mysteriously swaps bodies with the high powered — and hot — lawyer next door. She can’t afford to take time off so he’s got to be a quick study because she drills him on her life and the legal profession.

But when Luke isn’t with her, he’s imagining getting drilled on other things. His new body is enticingly sensual and it’s only a matter of time before he desires to experience everything.

And once he discovers the full pleasures of her body, will he ever want to go back to his own life?

This erotic story contains male to female body swapping, humiliation, and explicit erotic scenes.

Keywords: body swap, older, identity theft, magic, MILF


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