Becoming His Crush


Greg had been dreaming about her for months, and now that he was in his dream girl’s body he was going to do everything he’d imagined!

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Greg and Alex were friends with the unique ability to hop into anyone else’s body and control them. Where Greg took care to always return the bodies he’d borrowed with no harm done, Alex was never so careful and enjoyed humiliating the people whose lives he’d taken over. Greg tried to give it all up and live a normal life, until the day Alex found Greg’s crush and hopped into her friend. Now, the only way Greg can protect both women is by becoming his own crush.

Despite reminding himself he’s just there for her own good, Greg can’t resist the temptation to play with his curvy, feminine body. And if Alex wants to join in, well, what harm would it really do?

This story contains hot, steamy scenes of M/F, F/F, oral, and exhibitionism and is for mature readers only!

Keywords: MtF, possession, bodyhopper, lesbian, identity theft, friend


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