Coming Together


These guys weren’t looking for love when they took over the bodies of two beautiful women, but something happened while they were enjoying themselves…


In ‘Coming Together’, a company is hiring, and the boss hops into the body of one of the female candidates to try her out. She’s athletic, sexy, and she feels so good from the inside. As he enjoys her body he begins to realize that they can help each other out. She can get a job, and he can get access to her striking body whenever he wants.

In ‘Hop Skip Jump’, a young man takes over the body of a woman who looks identical to his ex. He feels for her and wants to help her out, and in return all he wants is to pleasure himself in her body. But the longer he lives her life the more he finds himself falling for her.

Keywords: bodyhopper, body theft, possession, possessed male to female, mtf m2f


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