Young Again


An old man swaps bodies with his buxom daughter and tries to figure out a way to stay inside.


Samuel is old. His daughter is exasperated with him. His granddaughter barely tolerates him.

But everything changes when he discovers a spell that allows him to swap bodies with his buxom daughter.

Now, in his daughter’s curvaceous body, he can’t keep his hands off himself. He’s going to take advantage of this opportunity to go out and enjoy himself like he’s never done before, leaving his daughter stuck in his old, decrepit form. Samuel’s having so much fun and experiencing so much sheer delight he may never go back.

If only there was a way he could trick his daughter so he could stay as a young, beautiful woman and get a second chance at life…

This 10,000 word story contains hot, explicit sexual scenes following male to female, and female to male body swaps.

Keywords: family swap, MtF, father daughter, incest, younger, magic, accident


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