Demon Seed


Jay expects a weekend away with his mom, his sister, and his cousins to be boring…until he unleashes an ancient demon.


She’s a lust demon, forced to obey Jay’s will and with the ability to possess any woman Jay orders her to.

Jay’s weekend just got a whole lot more interesting. With the demon’s help he sets out to do everything he’s always wanted to do to his three cousins: the blonde cheerleader, the half-Indian nerd, and the stoner hippie chick.

But what Jay doesn’t know is that the demon grows stronger with every sexual encounter and is planning to break free of Jay’s control and bend the entire world to her will. Can Jay stop her in time? And what–or who?–does he have to do to stop the demon from freeing herself?

This 13,000 word story contains intense sexual situations and incest.

Keywords: FtF, siblings, possession, cousin, cheerleader, incest, lesbian, mother son, mom son


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