Deviants (Part 1)


Ross has invented a device that lets him control anyone’s body. Together with a group of friends, he uses it to possess a group of sexy young women and have fun in their bodies. But things get out of control and soon the whole system may be exposed, leading to an end of their pleasure.


Ross has been in his basement, hard at work on a device that will let him possess anyone’s body. All he has to do his slip one of his tabs onto the back of his target’s neck, put on the special headgear, and — voila! — he can control them from inside.

His first target is Kimmy, a high school girl he’s been following on social media. He possesses her while she’s in costume at a comic book convention. She’s even more incredible in person than she is online, especially when Ross can enjoy every inch of her body and explore parts of her she would never post online.

With the help of a small group of friends, Ross expands the collection, taking over more and more of Kimmy’s friends and thoroughly enjoying their young, sexy bodies. It’s not long before the girls go entire days with other people controlling them and their changed behavior doesn’t go unnoticed.

Ross tries to keep it all under control but his friends are getting more unruly, ending with his best friend, Tim, getting trapped permanently in the body of Faith, a perky blonde. The girls’ friends are growing suspicious and Ross’s whole system could come crashing down. He’s got a big problem, but before he tries to solve it he’s going to have a little more fun.

Keywords: possession, body theft, stuck, male to female, mtf, m2f, lesbian, stuck


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