I Wish


Three explicit short stories of people finding themselves in someone else’s body and enjoying — or being forced to enjoy — their new pleasure.


Three explicit short stories of body swaps in one steamy collection. Comprised of three brand new stories from body swap erotica bestseller M. Wills:

The Coin
Dave’s co-worker, Jenna, is the most annoying person on earth. Stuck up, fantastic at her job, and incredibly hot. So when Dave gets a magic coin that grants three wishes to transform anyone into anything, he doesn’t hesitate to use it to turn her into the perfect bimbo. The only catch is, Jenna gets the last wish.

The Genie
When two teens find a magic lamp, one ill-worded wish threatens to trap them inside the bodies of their own moms. But maybe there’s a bright side.

The Gem
In this male to male body swap, a high schooler swaps bodies with his stepsister’s boyfriend, intending to humiliate her. Instead, he finds himself falling for her and yearning to explore her perfect forbidden body.

Keywords: male to female, MtF, body swap, accident, forced, family, incest, bimbo


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