Driving Her Wild


I don’t want to caress my friend, don’t want to run my hands along her soft curves, press our bodies together and drive each other wild with lust. But we’re not in control anymore. There’s someone else in our bodies, fondling us with our own hands, making us do anything and everything they want. And all we can do is watch.


Jennifer and her friends don’t take their college classes seriously, until a group of guys steal their bodies to teach them a lesson. Now Jennifer is trapped in her head, forced to be a passenger in her own body as the body thief enjoys her pleasure, exploring her soft form and making her do things she would never do on her own. The thief has her trapped, terrified, and so very, very horny as he explores her flesh and brings her to new heights of pleasure she’s never known before.

Keywords: male to female, mtf, body theft, possession, helpless inside, trapped, stuck


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