Ghost in the Machine


Abigail doesn’t realize she’s being controlled by an artificial intelligence that’s turning her into the perfect girlfriend for Victor.


Victor has had a crush on Abigail since they first met but she’s only ever seen him as a friend. Fortunately for Victor, an artificial intelligence has escaped the lab and targeted him as the perfect consumer which it intends to satisfy by any means necessary. The AI figures that the best way to give Victor what he desires is to download itself into Abigail’s body.

Abigail has no idea she’s being controlled. She thinks it’s her choice to pig out on junk food, embarrass herself in public, and explore her sexuality as the AI learns to control its new human body. But the AI still has some difficulties deciphering meaning and an ill-worded desire from Victor leads to copies of his mind being inserted into Abigail and her roommate.

But maybe that’s what Victor really wanted all along and he didn’t even know it.

Keywords: MtF, possession, unsuspecting, body theft, mind clone, mind control, body swap


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