Culture Shock


An American college student swaps bodies with a Chinese MILF.


Kevin’s budding relationship with Grace is threatened by her mom, Fen. Fen is a first generation Chinese immigrant who doesn’t think Kevin is good enough for her daughter. After an accidental wish, Fen’s ancestors intervene and swap the bodies of Kevin and Fen to help them understand each other.

Kevin wakes up in the body of a beautiful Chinese mom with a limited grasp of English and a life totally unlike the one he used to have. As he fumbles through his day he can’t help but take time to explore his new body.

When he meets up with his old body with Fen inside, she promises to swap them back as long as he makes a good impression on the date she had set up for that night. Kevin’s problem is that the longer he’s in Fen’s body the more their thoughts and desires merge, until it’s Kevin who wants to impress his date…in a very nontraditional way.

This 10,000+ word story contains male and female body swaps and explicit solo and hetero scenes.

Keywords: MtF, MILF, culture change, body swap, favor, older, accent. accident


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