Going Pro


A man possesses the body of his gorgeous long-time friend and golf pro to enjoy a weekend of exploring her body and being a professional athlete.

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I hadn’t seen my friend, Cassie, since college. So when she said she was going to be playing in a tournament near me and suggested we get together I jumped at the chance.

She just didn’t know how close I really wanted to get to her. I used my powers to possess her body, melding my mind with hers so I could become her for the weekend. It was amazing being pampered and going to photo shoots and just having a body that was so strong and flexible.

I loved every inch of her, enjoying her pleasure and diving into her thoughts and feelings to get to know her more intimately than I’d ever known anyone as I used her knowledge of herself to thoroughly explore her body.

But are my experiences in her body changing both of us? Will our relationship ever be the same?


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