In the Doghouse


An experiment has swapped Jenny into the body of her dog, and if she doesn’t get swapped back soon the change may be permanent.


Jenny should have been the one going to cheer leading practice and making out with her boyfriend. Instead, she lay her muzzle on her paws and whimpered softly as she watched her former body get dressed in her sexiest skirt.

At least the dog in her body had been housebroken…eventually.

Princess enjoyed sliding the dress over her tight little human bottom, adjusting her new curves beneath her bra and touching up her makeup as tiny Jenny watched from behind. Princess enjoyed the freedom and intelligence of being a human and she never wanted to switch back. Life was exciting and new.

And her body grew wonderfully warm whenever she thought about Jenny’s boyfriend and slid her hands across her unfamiliar, sensitive skin.

With every passing hour Jenny could feel her human abilities slipping away. Unless she did something soon, what was supposed to be a temporary experiment would be a permanent life changer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Includes a bonus story “Tomboy” in which a young man takes over the body of his athletic friend for a day to explore her muscular form and experience life from the female perspective.

These stories have a combined word count of 12,000 words and include explicit, sexual content.

Keywords: body swap, animal swap, accident, stuck, identity theft, bodyhopper, possession


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