A middle-aged man volunteers to transform himself to take the place of a high school cheerleader for a week.


Adam is a scientist visiting some old college friends who have an eighteen-year-old daughter named Vanessa. She’s an athletic blonde cheerleader with a rich boyfriend. A boyfriend who’s offered to take her to Europe for a week. When her parents forbid her from going, Adam sees an opportunity to test his new invention: a body suit that allows the wearer to completely become someone else.

When Vanessa agrees, Adam gets to spend a week as a sexy young cheerleader. He’s got all of Vanessa’s memories and has to impersonate her at school and at home. Though he can’t help but be curious about his new body when he’s all alone. Plus, he finds that he’s falling for a fellow cheerleader.

Will he do something that he — and Vanessa — will regret?

Keywords: MtF, transformation, body suit, friend, younger, identity theft, cheerleader


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