Swap Resort


A boyfriend and girlfriend find themselves transformed into the opposite sex after checking in to Swap Resort.


Corey and Tina are boyfriend and girlfriend, tagging along with their friends to visit an exclusive resort. When the other couple leave them alone to check in, Corey and Tina eat the mint they find on their bed, not knowing that it will trigger a transformation.

In seconds, Corey finds himself turned into a busty Spanish MILF while Tina gets transformed into a dark-haired Adonis. Overwhelmed with their new hormones, they soon find themselves exploring their strange and wonderful bodies to the fullest. Corey experiences life with a beautiful bobbling figure, while Tina gets to experience the raw hard thrill of her powerful new body.

There’s plenty of fun to be had on the island, but Corey and Tina only have eyes — and other parts — for each other.

Keywords: MtF, FtM, MILF, transformation, big breasts, culture change


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