Moving On


A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body.

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I was always the screw-up of the family while my sister was the golden child. She was gorgeous, smart and popular while I was…well…not. But then we were involved in a car accident and I woke up in the hospital somehow in her body.

Maybe when she awakes we can work on fixing this together. For now, I’m pretending to be her so people don’t think I have some sort of serious brain injury. I’m trying to convince myself I’m just holding her place, keeping her life warm for her.

But the longer I’m inside her body the more I like it.

I’m soft and sexy and my sister’s body is oh-so-responsive. It feels so incredible to touch myself and to have her boyfriend inside me. Among others.

I know I shouldn’t be doing any of this. I shouldn’t be going this wild in my sister’s body. But I can’t help myself and now…I think I want to stay.

Keywords: siblings, body swap, MtF, younger, accident, family swap, stuck, incest


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