Switched Up: Controlled by the Bully 1


I’m trapped in my mom’s buxom body, and mind controlled to obey the bully’s most depraved whims.


Douglas was a nerdy teen. Brandon was his tormentor. And when Brandon got his hands on two high-tech necklaces that could swap the bodies of the wearers AND control their minds, he set out to make Douglas’s life hell and fulfil ALL of his darkest desires with Douglas’s new body.

Now, trapped in a sexy body of a hot wife he can’t control, Douglas frantically tries to escape before the bully makes him do something unforgettably dirty. And possibly worst of all…Douglas is starting to enjoy his punishment.

A dark, twisted tale involving male to female body swapping, MILFs, mind control, forced feminization, forced masturbation and steamy erotic scenes.

Keywords: MILF, mind control, bully, body swap, body switch, incest, forced, mother son mom


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