Arabian Nights


Chris’s new sister-in-law has always wanted a sister who’s more outgoing and unafraid of her sexuality. With the help of some magic, she’s going to turn Chris into the sister she’s always wanted, and the woman he’s always desired, whether he wants it or not.


Chris is nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. After all, he’s the first white boyfriend she’s brought back to London to meet her Arabic family. To his relief he’s welcomed with open arms, especially by his girlfriend’s slightly older sister, Tara. Little does Chris know that Tara would much rather have another sister, one sexier and more outgoing, than a brother in law.

And she has ways to make that happen.

Chris finds himself magically transformed into a true middle eastern beauty as Tara forces him on an adventure of discovery in his new body. Chris soon experiences the most amazing parts of being a sexy woman as he’s thrust into an erotic new life.

With reality altering to accommodate Chris’s new form, will he ever be able to turn back into a man? Or will all the incredible new sensation of his feminine body overwhelm his mind?

This story contains explicit solo, lesbian and male/female erotic scenes, new accents, descriptions of the magical change, and themes of mind control and hypnosis.

Keywords: MtF, transformation, culture change, slow change, accent


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