It’s a Steal


A man out for revenge swaps bodies with his ex-girlfriend.


Rhys’s Spanish girlfriend, Feliciana, is waaaay out of his league. She’s smart and gorgeous, with an incredible busty figure. Rhys thought everything was going great until she admits that she cheated on him. Now she’s going away for a 6 month internship which leaves Rhys plenty of time to stew over her. He’s angry and hurt and depressed. He wants to make Feliciana feel the same way he does.

That’s when he chances upon a spell that can allow two people to swap bodies.

Rhys tricks Feliciana into swapping them so that he can steal her life, ditching her boring corporate job for a new one selling lingerie then coming home to enjoy the company of Feliciana’s sexy lesbian roommate. The longer Rhys is in his ex’s body the more he comes to love it.

But to make the swap permanent he’ll have to trick Feliciana into enjoying her own banging body from the other side of the gender divide.

Keywords: body swap, body theft, accent, spanish, culture change, male to female, mtf


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