First World Problems


A rich, arrogant man is forcibly swapped into the body of a poor Afghan woman.


Dalton has everything he could possibly want: money, a gorgeous wife, a perfect life. He even has access to a clinic that can swap physical and mental traits. He uses the Swap Clinic to stay young and fit, swapping with donors on a whim, taking their physique and mental aptitude before squandering it only to repeat the process weeks later with another volunteer.

But when he insults the relative of the Swap Clinic’s Director, the Director decides to teach Dalton a lesson and starts by secretly swapping Dalton’s desires with that of a pious, young Afghan woman.

Dalton finds himself with strange urges and unusual thoughts. His bluster and confidence is gone, replaced with a meek acceptance and timidity. It’s not long before he swaps his body entirely with that of the beautiful young woman.

Soon Dalton finds the young woman’s masochistic side. He discovers that he delights in being humiliated and abused. He craves it and seeks it out so he can enjoy the ultimate pleasure it brings.

Can Dalton escape before he’s whisked away from America and in to a tiny village to start his new life? Or will his mental changes force him to remain trapped as a poor, meek woman forever?

Keywords: male to female body swaps, humiliation, masochism, mtf


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