Every Day 3


In the conclusion to the Every Day series, Corey thought he’d escaped the spell but it’s come back with a vengeance, now transforming both his girlfriend, Caitlin, and the bully into sexy women stereotypes.


Corey believed he was finally free of the spell but as he takes the prom stage for a victory dance with his girlfriend, Caitlin, changes once again. This time Caitlin is transformed by the spell, along with the bully, George.

Or have they always been busty platinum blonde waitresses like Corey? Or maybe pinup bunnies? It’s hard to tell what’s new anymore. The magic is changing reality around them and warping their minds, making them believe they’ve always looked so sexy and acted so slutty.

Now Corey, Caitlin and George have to work together to find and destroy the spell books before the magic totally consumes them and they permanently become the sexy stereotypes they appear to be.

Keywords: gender swap, gender switch, bully, male to female, female to female, ftf, f2f, mtf m2f, magic


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