I, Copy


A young man uses nanobots to transform himself into an exact copy of a family friend and steal her life.

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Heather is in her early forties and with an exquisite body. She’s everything Patrick is not: confident, sexy, accomplished. So when she asks Patrick to house sit while she goes away for six weeks it’s the perfect opportunity for Patrick to use technology he swiped from his dad’s office to turn himself into a perfect copy of Heather.

With Heather away Patrick moves into her life, enjoying everything about her taut dancer’s body from the silky feel of pantyhose against his skin to the amazing sensations when he pleasures himself. He gradually assumes more and more of her role, going into the company she owns and fooling everyone with his imitation of her. He’s surprised to find himself re-igniting the passion between Heather and a former lover and soon teases the older man to fulfill Patrick’s aching lust.

Will Patrick ever go back to his old life? Or will he find a way to keep his new life forever?

Keywords: MtF, transformation, friend, older, identity theft


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