Hot for Teacher


A young man gains the ability to possess people and uses his newfound power to boost his crush’s self-esteem while enjoying her pleasure along the way.

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Tim has a pretty boring life. Bland career. Lousy apartment. Unrequited crush on one of his former teachers. The usual. He’s on a trajectory to nowhere until he chances across a mysterious alien stone that gets absorbed into his body.

By accident Tim discovers that he can now step into other people’s bodies and take control, or simply watch the world and experience life from behind their eyes. After some sexy experimentation as other people he reveals his powers to his crush and is happily surprised when she agrees to let him pilot her body for one unforgettable night of shared ecstasy that will forever change their relationship.

This 12,000+ word story contains themes of male to female, and male to male body possession, as well as intense erotic solo and couple scenes.

Keywords: MtF, possession, voluntary, MtM, astral projection, favor, friend


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