Just a Little Crush


A young man and a young woman swap bodies and find themselves falling in love while on their long journey to swap back.


Jamie and Anna have always been high school friends that bonded over their love of geekdom, but over the summer Anna blossomed and became stunningly beautiful while Jamie…did not.

Thinking he’s lost his chance with Anna, Jamie goes to a fortune teller for advice. She gives him a spell that will make them closer than ever and the next day they awaken in each other’s bodies.

It’s terrifying and exhilarating and even arousing as they get used to their new bodies. But the most exciting thing Jamie finds is how close he and Anna get when they strike out on the long journey back to the fortune teller. And how much they learn about each other along the way.

Keywords: body swap, friends, magic, nerd to hot girl, boyfriend girlfriend, MtF, accident


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