Transfer (Part 2)


A young man adjusts to his new life after being swapped into his mom’s body.


It’s been some time since Hunter’s car crash, where his mind was placed in his mom’s body in order to save him. Now Hunter thinks he’s come to grips with his curvy body and the way his male hormones play out in his female form.

His first day back to school puts that to the test. His friends try to play it cool but he can tell they’re curious. As is everyone else. Still, Hunter makes every effort to return to normal.

But after he’s menaced in a bathroom stall by other students and dumped by his girlfriend, he realizes that his old normal is gone and he falls into a shame spiral. He opts to try throwing himself into the life of a single, middle aged woman and goes out to meet a man who can treat him right. The tryst is pleasurable but unfulfilling.

It’s only when Ash, another outcast at school, reaches out to him and becomes his friend does Hunter begin to realize that his life is different now, and he has to accept the person he’s become.

Keywords: MtF, mom son, mother son, body swap, stuck, incest, stuck, family swap


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