Keep It in the Family


Sam and his family use long-range body swapping technology to temporarily switch bodies with another family across the country in order to cheer up their son while having some sexy taboo fun.


Sam’s eldest son, Alan, recently broke up with his girlfriend. Sam, his wife Meredith, and youngest son, Bruce plan a trip to comfort him. Rather than fly, they use the long-range body swap technology that’s recently become affordable in order to instantaneously travel across the country by swapping bodies with another family. Not only do they get to cheer up their son, but they get to try out new bodies and the roles that go with them.

Sam has opted for the body of a gorgeous twenty-year-old bombshell daughter, Meredith the suave forty-year old father and Bruce the exquisite MILF. With these sexy temporary bodies comes erotic temptations too good to ignore.

Even though they’re family, they can’t keep their hands off each other. They’re dying to explore every wonderful sensation of their new bodies. Together they’re going to give Alan two days he’ll never forget and have some sexy forbidden fun with each other.

Keywords: Mom/Son, Father/Daughter, family swap, MILF, incest, younger, older, body swap



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