Long Live the Queen


Queen Isabelle’s daughter is refusing to marry and nothing will change her mind. So Isabelle swaps their bodies, intending to to do so just long enough so that Isabelle can marry her daughter off to the prince. But her young, new body is much more exciting than she ever dreamed, and there are so many perks to remaining young and beautiful.


Queen Isabelle has a problem: How to deal with a wilful, headstrong daughter who refuses to marry a prince and instead pines for a stablehand? When cajoling and threatening and begging don’t work, Isabelle’s last option is magic. With the help of the royal mage she swaps bodies with her daughter, intending to become the princess just long enough to see her betrothed and Isabelle’s own queendom secured.

But things don’t go as planned. The stablehand has a knack for playing the princess’s body. The prince is unbelievably handsome and enchanting. And Isabelle’s new body is delightfully sensitive to every delicate touch.

Keywords: body swap, female to female, FtF, body theft, magic, mother daughter


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