Transfer (Part 1)


In order to save his life, a young man’s mind is transferred into the body of a MILF.


Hunter wakes up in a hospital after a car accident. They won’t let him see his body or use his voice, and when his girlfriend comes to visit she acts odd around him. It’s not long before the hospital psychiatrist reveals the truth: Hunter’s body has died, and his mind has been transferred into a woman’s body.

Now Hunter must learn to navigate through life as the opposite gender. But why did they choose a body old enough to be his mom? A full bodied woman that his friends would call a MILF?

Hunter still has his male teenage hormones, and is very curious about his new body. He’s confined to a hospital room by himself and has plenty of time to explore his new body.

But when the whole truth is revealed it changes everything he thought he was beginning to understand about his new life.

Keywords: MtF, mom son, mother son, body swap, stuck, incest, stuck, family swap


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