Long Road Home


When a strange phenomenon causes billions of people around the world to randomly swap bodies, a young man finds himself far from home and in a vastly different body.

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Ryan was a teenager preparing for college in the Midwest when the phenomenon struck. One minute he was playing video games in his room and the next he was in someone else’s body hundreds of miles away.

Now Ryan is Selena, a gorgeous young woman with an exquisite body. He’s also all the way across the country in New York City as the aftermath of the worldwide swap starts a global panic. Luckily, his best friend, Anthony, has been swapped into someone nearby and they try to make their way home together with a quick stop to meet up with Ryan’s crude cousin, now in the body of a young Hollywood starlet.

But their bodies aren’t the only thing that’s changed. Anthony’s new body is tall and muscular and is really doing something to Ryan. Sure, Ryan is enjoying experimenting in his new body with an equally beautiful movie star, but maybe there’s something more growing between Ryan and Anthony as the trio make their way back to the safety of Ryan’s home.

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